How will Health & Safety Smart help me?

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It is a legal requirement to ensure that your business is complaint with all relevant health and safety legislation – ignorance is no defence!

Insurance premiums are currently on the increase. Health & Safety Smart will enable you to demonstrate to your insurance company that you comply with the legislation and that you take a responsible attitude to your business – which could lead to a reduction in your premium. This is how insurance companies manage risk with large corporations.

Many insurance companies offer health & safety audit services delivered by consultants. These services can be expensive, as they need to cover the cost of a personal visit from a risk manager. This type of service is particularly appropriate to complex or high risk environments and is one of the tools that insurance companies use to help to mitigate increase in premiums.

The Health & Safety (fees) Regulations 2012 can impose significant fines and fees on business for failure to comply with legislation, these fines can range from £750 where an inspection results in a letter from the enforcement body, to tens of thousands of pounds in extreme cases.

The Health & Safety Smart system and consultancy services are designed to enable you to take control of your compliance requirements and avoid these fines.