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The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and offers 1 hour of CDP credit


On successful completion of this course you will be able to print your own CDP accredited certificate via your courses home page.


Introduction To Food Hygiene
Food Contamination
Personal Hygiene
Food Preparation
HACCP introduction
Summary Section
Final Test Paper
A fully interactive training course aimed at any person who comes into contact with food! From basic food handling, food preparation, to food service. Training is set by the trainee at a pace to suit, there are multiple pre-test questions throughout, with interactive missions to test your progress. The course is both engaging and educational, and should take between 45 to 60 min’s to complete, meets UK standards for food hygiene and safety.

This is an ideal course for Induction or Refresher training and suitable for anyone who works or comes into contact with FOOD regardless of their working environment. On successful completion, a certificate is awarded along with 1 Hour of CPD credit

Food Hygiene Pro – Invaluable introductory training for anyone who works with food.


Individual Responsibility within Food Safety Procedures
This topic introduces you to the importance of food safety and your own responsibilities when working with food.
Maintaining Personal Cleanliness and Hygiene
Learn what general hygiene standards you are expected to have and measures you can take to ensure that these are kept.
Keeping the Work Area Clean and Hygienic
Study the differences between cleaning and disinfecting and learn about the suitable surfaces and equipment that should be used. You will also learn about waste disposal and pest control procedures.
Receiving and Storing Food Safely
Learn how to store food correctly and rotate your stock, including the correct temperatures food needs to be stored at. Discover how any deliveries of food should be received and checked to avoid contamination.
Preparing, Cooking, Holding and Serving Food Safely
Learn about food safety hazards in the workplace and the types, sources, vehicles and routes of contamination you need to consider. Explore how food should be preserved and the correct temperature control. Discover how food is safely prepared, cooked, chilled and reheated. You will also learn about the handling of food in this section.

Course duration:
Most of our courses have a seat time of approximately 45 to 60 mins; obviously the time to complete a course depends on each learner. All courses offer bookmarking in order for the trainee to take bite sized sessions if required� activate bookmarking simply exit the course and accept the bookmark on your return.