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Legionnaires’ Disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia which can affect anybody, but which principally affects those who are susceptible because of age, illness, immunosuppression, smoking etc.

On average there are approximately 200 to 250 reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease each year in the UK, although many believe this total is generally underestimated. The disease is caused by the ‘Legionella pneumophilia’ bacteria and is an extremely serious form of Legionellosis, causing high fever and proving fatal in approximately 12% of cases.

In an attempt to help reduce such numbers, this module has been developed in association with one of Our Partners ‘Green Compliance Ltd’, UK leaders in Water Treatment. Our latest version has been designed to help raise awareness of Legionnaires’ disease by explaining how outbreaks might occur, and highlighting water systems that have a potentially high risk of developing the Legionnella bacterium. Legionella Pro Plus is our latest module, which is also available for all mobile platforms.

Understanding of the following:
Recognise the implications of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak
Summarise how Legionnaires outbreaks can occur in water handling systems
Identify relevant legislation and the requirements for compliance
Recognise the role of water handling system owners
Recognise the role of water handling systems safety providers
Identify higher risk water handling system
Contents covered:
An Introduction to Legionnaires’ Disease in Water Handling Systems
How do Legionnaires’ Outbreak Occur?
Legislation and Compliance
Water Handling Systems Owners Safety Responsibility
Water Handling Systems Service Provider Responsibility and Opportunity
Legionella Risk System Cooling Towers
Legionella Risk Hot and Cold Water Systems
On successful completion, learners will have an increased understanding of Legionnaires’ disease, including the potential consequences of an outbreak and the symptoms associated with the disease. The module also provides information on the relevant legislation and requirements for compliance and is suitable for all staff

Course duration:
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